Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Norah 6 Months. . . (though she is 7 Months today!)

Through 3 children in our house, Uncle Mike has lamented again and again: "Why can't we have a chubby baby?". At 6 months, I can proudly say mission accomplished. At the rate she's going, Norah will have caught up to Kaya by the end of the year, what with her 12 month thighs and bottom, making us rummage through boxes of larger baby clothes sooner than we could have imagined. No teeth, either- although we think they're coming soon.
Anyway, Norah loves food- she is such a willing and happy girl at meal times, especially when the other kids are eating- she just smiles and opens wide, all the time keeping one eye on the mayhem that is our nightly dinner with 3 toddlers around the table. She's also moving- not crawling per se, but scooting on her butt (see video) to grab something close by and she's also begun to lunge for things, laying herself flat out on her belly in attempts to reach, stand, and grab.
Through it all, Norah remains the easiest baby, content in her jumper, or on the floor with toys, or tolerating her big cousins and sister- just totally happy and interested. She can clap her hands and we're pretty sure she's got the "more, more" sign language down pat. Now if we can just get her to sleep through the night, we'll be in business.

And then there's her sister, Liliana, who kicked me out of her room so she could put herself to bed 2 nights ago. Who absolutely refuses to go potty on our schedule- only when she says so, even if it means an occasional accident. But also learning to be so sweet- to look out for Logan, Kaya, and Norah, and even her Mama and Daddy. The story of an almost 3-year old is no longer told in milestones, but in annecdotes- Did you hear- Liliana took Logan potty and read him a book. Or did you see Logan "Neeny- I think you want to go downstairs and play now, riiiiight?"
There's no good way to relate the moments of amazement as these babies turn to children before your eyes- there are no clear signs I can point to, only the tangle of emotions, elations, achievments, and frustrations that accompany a toddler as they navigate life with each other, and with a house full of well-meaning parents who pretend we know the right steps. Anyway enjoy the large batch of pictures. The 2 new slide shows basically cover October- November pics coming soon.
Norah, Liliana, Marita, and Ian


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