Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our sweet little 8 month old, Liliana!

I know this shouldn't be a surprise to any of us, but the fact that Liliana is currently working on learning to walk just blows us away. Our daughter. Our tiny, little baby. She is just 8 months old! She is already 8 months old!! It is amazing how she changes daily. They tell you babies do that, but still it is incredible to witness it. I know that we have been waiting for Liliana to be a laugher and, now, she laughs. Mostly Logan cracks her up when he plays with her by the jumper. Oh, how she loves that jumper. Oh, how she loves Logan. No, really she adores him. She used to just watch and watch him. Now she chases him, takes his toys, and actually tackles him as she tries to use him to stand up. It is hilarious to be telling Liliana to share with Logan. Logan, by the way, is simply the most loving and patient cousin. He adores her, too. He tries to pick her up and brings her toys. Yes, he brings her toys. Rarely does he take toys from her, though she takes from him. He does have a bit of personal ownership over his car-Lightning McQeen. But, truly Lily would rather push him in the car than ride it herself. At any rate, Lily and Logan are the best of friends. Such good friends that they have decided to teethe together. Logan is getting his molars and Lily is getting her first front teeth. The front left tooth on the bottom has already cut through. We can't wait for her toothy grins. We have already witnessed the sharpness of that tooth in a piece of string cheese. She is quite pleased with herself. The teeth will certainly help her with her new found love of "real" food as apposed to baby food. She loved eating out at the neighborhood Caribean resteraunt and chicken enchiladas. We think it is mostly beacause of the black beans. She is a true Henrie now. Truly she loves to feed herself, sometimes with two spoons and definately with both hands. Yup, she's growing up fast. Too fast for her parents, I might add. But, as always, we adore her even when she is up teething at 3 a.m. We adore her always.