Sunday, July 27, 2008

Liliana is 7 Months old already?

Next time you're half-awake at 5:45 am, and you roll over sleepily, half-squinting in the sunshine coming in your window, imagine your 7-month old daughter, who probably shouldn't be awake, and shouldn't really be standing yet, and definitely shouldn't be looking over the railing of her crib at you with the biggest smile she can muster. Yup folks, our daughter is a motivated little girl- much to our delight, and to the disruption of our sleeping patterns. However, since she's also the sweetest child in the world, it's extremely easy to forgive her.

This month, we had her first camping trip, first meat (albeit blended in a baby food jar), developed a love for cheerios, banana puffs, and "veggie booty," and first road trip (to the Oregon Country Fair, which somehow we escaped with no pictures- not sure how we failed there). Liliana still isn't much of a laugher, but can smile with the best of them. She is crawling faster and farther, and she's still in love with her cousin Logan.

Us? We're very much enjoying our summer, with less visitors but still busy, and we look forward to seeing most of you as we head into the fall. Enjoy the pictures- we should have some videos posted soon, too.

liliana, marita, and ian