Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall 2009

Business first.  As you've probably noticed, we are no longer doing pictures by month- we'll now post periodically when we get a bunch of pictures.  For example, 3 grandparent visits in 4 weeks, as you'll see in the slideshow ( :  I would expect a Thanksgiving set, too!  

In even more important and better business, it gives us great pleasure to let you know Liliana will soon be an older sister- which is good since she is madly in love with babies these days.  She still gravitates to the big kids if they're around, but if there's a choice, lately it's "see baby!!!" We're due April 29th.  We're not sure if it's a boy or girl yet, but we've already had the chance to hear the heartbeat!  We're really excited!  Still, that's in the future.  Right now, enjoy the pictures of Lily as we go from Summer to Fall here in Seattle.  Notice the first pictures of her in big girl underwear rather than diapers- she's not potty-trained, but she's working on it ( :

As usual, visits from G-mo and G-pops, Grandma, Aunt Janet, and Grandpa provided much needed relief for the parents, and lots of joy for the children of the family.  Thanks for stopping by- see you all soon!

Liliana, Marita, and Ian