Sunday, December 13, 2009

Liliana is NOT a Baby (Winter 2009)

Liliana is a big girl, a big girl who takes care of babies. She is even more into babies than ever and has developed a very special bond with her Baby Gigi. Baby Gigi goes everywhere with her. And I mean everywhere-- car, store , potty, bed. We even got to see what happens when we leave Baby Gigi at a friend's house after a playdate. Tears. Not a fit. Big sad, sad tears. Mama spent the next morning driving across town to pick Baby Gigi up so that Liliana could be reunited with her after preschool. Yes, our girl who has never slept with anything but her blankies in bed with her now sleeps with Baby Gigi right next to her in her big girl bed. Yup, over Thanksgiving weekend Liliana transitioned into a toddler bed. We just took off the side rail and put up the toddler bed rails. Other than climbing into her bed by herself nothing has seems to have changed. She only crawls back out of bed when we come to get her. Amazing. Don't worry, we are prepared for whatever may happen when she turns two in a couple of weeks! We have actually bought her a real twin size big girl bed for her birthday. Hopefully she will like sleeping in it as much as she has loved her crib/toddler bed. Wish us luck!

Liliana has also started wearing big girl underwear all day
long except for naps and bedtime. She has graduated from the constant reminder to use the potty to asking to go when she needs to. The past week I can't even remember even one "accident." We feel so fortunate for her easy transition away from diapers. She seems to be very comfortable to "go" just about anywhere we happen to be and proved she can hold "it" several times as we searched for a bathroom. We can't quite describe how great it is to sometimes go somewhere without a diaper bag (though truth be told we are more often carrying one for snacks, an extra change of clothes, and nap gear for on the go).

Liliana also never stops talking or singing or questioning. As she often tells us she wants to do everything "by myself!" She often sings medley of several song without talking a breathe. It starts as Mary Had a Little Lamb and suddenly ends with B-I-N-G-O. She is definitely entering that 2-year-old phase. She can keep you reading one story for ten minutes by asking questions about every character on the page--"What's is that? What he doin'?" And since she no longer always just goes right to sleep, we get to giggle about what she says before she falls asleep. Sometimes she is clearly talking to Baby Gigi while other times she is just reminicing about her day. Tonight she started reciting one of her favorite books. When she wakes up the same thing--chatter about anything, or a clear statement: "I am awake." She repeats everything she hears. Sometimes she just repeats herself--over and over and over. We think for emphasis or just to make sure you are listening to her. ;)
Liliana likes to tell Logan "I need my privacy" while on the potty. And although we are already seeing our share of 2-year old fits, we are also hearing her express her needs and feelings in clear ways. It is amazing to hear Liliana and Logan talk out a problem. This past week I watched Liliana talk to Logan about taking Baby Gigi out of the dolly stroller. It was so cute: "I was upset. I was upset. You took Gigi away from the strodder. I don't like that." After which, Logan gave her Baby Gigi and the stroller.
It was pretty awesome. I have to admit that though I am biased, I am impressed everyday with the way that Liliana and Logan learn and play together. For that matter, you can't forget Kaya either. Liliana is constantly looking after Kaya, trying to feed her at dinner, giving her a milk cup, giving her toys and kisses (when she is not taking her food or toys and bulling her over). Truly they all simply adore one another. More than friends, more than cousins, different from siblings. It is a very special bond that they all have, and I hope they always maintain.

So, yeah, we think Liliana is amazing. She's ready to be two. She adores going to preschool and has showed no need to have Mama around at all. She loves her friends and love, loves her Teacher Katie. She pretty much knows her letters and numbers. We love to hear her sing the ABC's, point out specific letters, and count things in Spanish and English. But, mostly we love to hear her laugh and ask for "more, more" when we swing her before bed. We love how sweet she is to Baby Gigi. She talks to her "Sweetie-pie" and takes such good care of her. We love when she puts her face right up to Mama's belly and says "Hola Bebe" just like the big sister in her bedtime book. We love when Liliana kisses Baby Sister goodnight and pulls Mama's shirt back down so Baby can sleep. Liliana is not a baby. She is going to be two in a couple of weeks. Liliana is going to be the best big sister ever. We could not feel more blessed.