Saturday, February 28, 2009

More birthday pictures

Hi all,

We found some extra birthday pictures from January (January 17th to be specific), when we had Liliana's party.  Enjoy the additional, and in some cases, better shots.  Also, our 14 months postis  coming later today!

liliana, marita, and ian

Friday, February 27, 2009

14 Months with Sweet Liliana

There is simply too much to say in regards to Liliana's growth, development, and emerging personality.  So we will just describe her yesterday.  She woke up at 6:20 am and cuddles with Mama in the recliner until almost (she still isn't much of a cuddler so Mama is already missing the more dependable morning cuddles that last until 7:15 or even 8:00!!).  Liliana wanted to read books.  She popped up and declared "book book book."   She crawled over to the book basket and no surprise to Mama she pulled out "Faraway Farm" (we have read "Faraway Farm" at least 6-8 times a day since we borrowed it from the library).  Then we turned on the lamp and pointed out animals and made lots of animals noises.  Luckily for Mama, Dada came in sent Mama back to bed for her weekly morning nap (Mama appreciates a day to go back to sleep until say 8-8:30).  Dada and Lily read more books, snacked on cheerios and banana, played with blocks and Potato-head and watched birds and squirrels out the window. She ate a hearty breakfast of eggs with spinach and cheese, Morningstar veggie sausage, and plain yogurt with blueberries.  Instead of our regularly scheduled a.m. park venture, Liliana got to talk to her Gram Alice and Great-Grandpa Ben on Skype (Happy Birthday Great-Grandpa Ben!! It should also be noted that we talked to Grandpa Tom and attempted a chat with Great-Nana, the next day).  She sang some songs and said "ga-ma" and "ga-pa" a lot.  Then a quick nursing session and books with Dad before a nap.  Liliana incredibly and quite thankfully falls to sleep rather quickly for her naps.  We are pretty darned lucky!  Mom and Dad spent the nap period picking out the web-album pictures and preparing Liliana's daiper bag for an afternoon adventure.  Then we ate lunch and waited because Liliana slept for nearly 3 hours--this never happens!  At-any-rate, we took our well rested sweetheart to the mall (she ate her lunch in the car).  We hate to admit it and rarely is it true but we did in fact spend the afternoon at the mall.  Liliana helped Mom and Dad buy new running shoes and then played with Dad while Mom attempted to buy some new fun shirts (Mom would rather buy Liliana clothes!). Lily was amazing and patient through-out the whole shopping ordeal.  She especially loved 1-2-3 Swing with Mom and and Dad, looking into the windows of EVERY store, and playing with the belts.  Then we went back to the car, had some milk, and Lily promtly fell asleep on the way home.  Dad dropped Mom off at Babies-R-Us to buy some car window shades (we are looking foward to sunny weather in our future) and a cushiony fireplace guard (yeah, check out the shiner she got hitting her head on the bookcase--we don't want to risk the stone fireplace).  Liliana simply slept.  Sweet Liliana woke up two blocks from home after nearly another hour of napping!  So when we got home and it was still sunny we decided to take her to the park since we missed the park in the morning.  She had the most lovely time on the swing and with the digger ("dig-dig") in the sand box.  Then we headed out to our neighborhood healthfood coop for a piece of free fruit (pretty awesome that kids get a piece of fruit for free every time you shop there) and a few small items.  THEN we went out to dinner at a new pizza restuarant in our neighborhood.  While we waited for our table and our extended family--Rach, Mike, Logan, and Kaya--Liliana befriended a 3 1/2 year old and tested out said new firend's tricycle.   Then boy did we have an eventful dinner.  There were children seated at every table of this small pizzeria. While we waited for our pies the kids walked around and "chatted" with the kids from the other tables.  They especially liked the 10 month old butt-walker (baby never learned to crawl because she is so skilled at sliding on her booty).  And then, yes, we ate pizza--lots of pizza.  By the way, it was during dinner that mama felt Liliana's mouth and found that her fourth bottom front tooth had finally broken through alond with TWO molars.  Um, when did that happen?  And how has Liliana been so cheery and loverly and not-so-teething-baby? Anyways, we headed home for a quick bad and too bed.  Liliana was so tired she didn't even want to read books and was asleep by the time Mama left her room.  It was quite a day.  

So, yeah. See why I didn't tell you about all her growth, development, and emerging personality?! You would have had to read more of my rambling!!  HA!  Quick note that Funcle Jacob visited us and we've had lots of adventures to the park, the zoo, the children's museum, and in the front yard full of SNOW (Um it's the end of February). Now Mama and Dada need to go to bed so that we can enjoy another week with our ridiculous, somersault-loving, raisin-munching, big teeth-grinning, crayon-nibbling, pen-tasting, black-eyed little Curious George.  We love our life!