Friday, June 27, 2008

Liliana 6 Months from g-MO!

Aloha Folks

I wanted to update everyone on "Life with Liliana", as I just got to spend a week with her in Hawaii. I was so excited to get to finally "meet" her again. It seemed like such a long time ago, that I witnessed her birth in Seattle. I have loved her blog, and look at her online pictures all the time. Does it get better than having your grandbaby come to you in Hawaii? Wow...there is nothing like being able to snuggle with such a warm little bundle. I really got used to seeing her big bright smile first thing in the morning.

Her Hawaiian heritage was really showing in her LOVE of the ocean. I've almost never seen a baby so comfortable and smiley in the water. She was like a regular at all the great north shore beach spots..Rocky Point, 3 Tables and Waimea. (Not to mention the bonus rounds at the pool at Turtle Bay Hilton.)

Did I mention that Ian and Marita's Hawaiian vacation was an Ohana event with Tom and Liz also on Oahu? It was terrific to have several delicious "Double Adoring Grandparents" -dinners with the whole extended Family. Lucky Lady, this little Liliana. Plenty LOVE going round.

One of the highlights for me was having Marita, Ian and Liliana hang for a Summer Solstice Party at my new Tribalteaz Dome in Waimanalo. (kind of a long term ag project and art studio) We had a great work party in the garden, a sumptuous potluck and a great Fire for the Solstice. Ian was the total hit of the night, gracing us with the most incredible 2 hour guitar song set. There were moments of pure poetry and some pretty awesome community singing if I say so myself. Thanks Ian! You Rock!

Well... there is a little mini Hawaii report. Gabby left yesterday with M, I & L, to hang with the posse in Seattle for a few days until I get there on July 1st. See you soon Liliana!

Much Love,


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p.p.s. from ian and marita

Um, we thought you should know that Liliana started crawling yesterday. Really crawling. She has been creeping in a 360 for a few weeks, but now we see butt up forward movement. It is CRAZY how fast she is growing and learning. She also found her talking voice in Hawaii and babbles more and more. If only we could say the same for her sleeping . . .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alice's Visit (Liliana 5 + months)

A tale of two (amazing) children.

I sneaked in a brief visit to the beloved Seattle Group this past weekend--arriving as May 31st rolled over into June 1st, most graciously retrieved from SeaTac by Ian, and then delivered back to catch the redeye Tuesday night, June 3rd. Not the most leisurely trip, but worthwhile in every way. As usual the 43rd Ave. South Collective warmly welcomed me, and included me in their lives with generosity and love.

Now--the children! Logan is in perpetual motion, the most curious child ever. He gets into anything that isn't nailed down, and a few things that are. The most fun is watching him figuring things out. You can almost see the wheels turning as his gaze flicks from one part of a process to another, and then: eureka! He turns to you with his crooked little grin and points, as if to say:"I got it!" Case in point--I was rooming in the back "nursery" and my suitcase was tucked in a corner. When it comes to zippers, buttons and straps, Logan is like a little Houdini; he just keeps at it till he solves the puzzle. So of course, he scampered right past two dozen books and fifty toys to get into my luggage and pull out the little Delta Airlines headphones I schlep around with me so I can plug into whatever passes for in-flight entertainment. He looked at them and immediately put them to his ears; but there was nothing to hear, of course. Marita, characteristically looking to reward his curiosity and tenacity, grabbed an Ipod and plugged the headphones into the set so that Logan would hear music. As soon as he heard the music he started trying to figure out how that all had happened. He took the Ipod, yanked out the plug that connected it to the headphones; looked up at us; then, in one smooth, completely confident motion, he inserted the plug back into the correct jack and grinned as the music started up again. Folks--this boy is just a little past one year. Let me say it now: we are going to hear from him in years to come, and it's going to be worth hearing!

And then there is Liliana. She has the sweetest face and the happiest personality. It is a joy to watch her attack the spoonfuls of carrots and bananas, splash in the bath, rock and roll in her saucer seat as she spins herself from one toy to the next. There was one priceless moment when Marita had her absolutely giggling, really belly-laughing--and then in a second the hilarity tipped right into a full-throttle wail, tears and all. But I have to say, what I love best is what I think of as "the Liliana scan." When you come into her line of sight she gazes deeply at every feature of your face, studying it; almost, it seems, searching for clues: Who are you? Do I know you? She holds this utterly serious, unwavering inspection for long enough to make you a little uncomfortable as you wonder what it is she sees there. And then--your reward. Her face lights up with a dazzling smile and she reaches out to grab your nose, or hair, or whatever is within range. She seems to forget--or ignore--the fact that she is only five months old. Whenever possible she pulls herself to a standing position. Her dexterity is incredible, and what was just recently random grabs at whatever came within grasping distance, is now determined, targeted reaching for the item she wants. I was amazed to watch, in the span of just a few days, as she transitioned from one developmental stage to the next. When I arrived, every time she was placed on her stomach she would sort of collapse, and snuffle her face into the carpet and cry with frustration. By the time I had to leave, when placed on her stomach she just hoisted herself up on her elbows and arms, looked around with a kind of "up periscope" motion and tried to pull herself toward the toys just beyond her reach.

Life is a miracle, to be sure; and in Logan's and Liliana's stubborn, insistent, headlong drive toward growing, you can watch it unfolding minute by minute. What a privilege it was to see.

Grandma Alice