Monday, August 15, 2011

Norah 11 months!

This is definitely the first month where we've really caught the girls playing together. It had been headed that way for awhile, and then Bam!- there they are, dancing, playing- Liliana reveling in Norah's engagement, and Norah so grateful and excited that she's big enough to join in rather than watch. And at the same time, Lily is so firmly headed from toddler to big girl, playing and comprehending at a level we haven't seen before. It's a very gratifying time to be a parent, and a really exciting time to share with all of you. Enjoy!


liliana, norah, marita, and ian

Norah 10 months!

It should be noted that Norah is now 15 months. As such, please excuse the factual and largely less-emotional delivery of this blog post. We're almost through year one, though- and then the blog can go back to being a record kept in real-time, if somewhat sporatic real-time. 10 month Norah walks, giggles, and really, really wants to be a big kid.
She also got to travel to Arizona for some wonderful time charming the socks off of G-Mo, Grandma Neva, Grandpa Dwayne, the Brimhall clan in general, and Nana and Grandpa Tom. Apparently sensing the challenge, Liliana also raised her game, being ridiculously cute (in particular with her teenage cousin Maya), and generally being lovely.
Norah, Liliana, Marita, and Ian