Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Watch: 40 weeks 1 day

No baby yet. Despite lots of walking at the zoo today and spicy Thai food left overs there is no action as of yet. Sorry folks. This lady seems comfy right where she is . . . maybe tacos will entice her later tonight! ;)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Watch Begins . . . 40 weeks


So we are officially 40 weeks, full term, and anxious to meet the newest member of our family. We did have our weekly midwife appointment today and everything looks, feels, and measures perfectly. In fact, truth of the matter is that Marita can't complain too much because she is feeling great--big, yes, but relatively comfortable. She has to admit just how much she enjoys the comments about how great she looks and how much energy she still has as she chases the kiddos at the park. However, since we know that some of you are starting to wonder when and how you will get the news of new baby's arrival, we thought we would re-initiate Baby Watch. Like before we will update daily with our status until baby is born then we will will attempt to revive the blog to give ya'll regular updates about both our little ladies. Oh, and pictures, too. Marita was spoiled for her birthday and now has a DSLR camera to catch those wily bigs kids as they race around the house, park, zoo, beach, and every other open space. Admire the sharpness of example picture above of Liliana, Logan, and Kaya all enjoying a Lion ride from Ian just this afternoon. Marita enjoyed a surprise dinner out with her girlfriends to celebrate not just the arrival of her due date, but women and motherhood in general. Thank you Rachael! BTW, Marita also enjoyed an extra spicy Thai meal just to encourage the little one join us. So wish us luck or sweet dreams . . .