Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Ode to My Sweet Pea Liliana (18 Months!)

My sweet Liliana, how you crack me up!  

You chatter, blather, talky talk.

Loquacious already describes you,

Cheesy, toothy smiles for the camera.

Soon, please, soon you’ll have all your teeth.

Fakey-fake laugh at all but Logan’s jokes 

A call to your Uncle, a chat on Skype,

You simply want to sing songs.

You love the sound of your own oo—ooo monkey.

You can’t get enough of your choo-choo trains.

Your love for all cribbies has just been challenged,

You love Logan’s pretty Big Boy Bed.

You climbed right out of the pack-n-play while camping.

Will you start jumping out of your crib?

We know you probably can.

Jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping,

You can’t get enough of the jumping.

This weekend I saw you jump off the ground,

Showing off your wrestling skills,

Your friends seemed a bit surprised.

You like your friends little social butterfly.

Logan will forever be your favorite.


Did I mention you love the word “own”?

You want your own snack bowl.

Your own milk cup, too.

Your own blankie,

Your own binkie,

Your own choo-choo train.

Your own plate unless it is dinner,

Then all you want is daddy’s.

You love the brown markers,

You always have two.

Colors matter to you,

Even when you can’t always name them.


How many baby dolls must you have?

Mamey, “Oody,” Sweet Pea, Willy,

Not to forget your love for red bear and brown,

Or your favorite Baby Kaya.

I caught you this morning singing,

“Rock-a-bye Baby,” a very silly song.

You needed to change Mamey’s diaper.

Sweet hugs and kisses when babies get hurt,

Such a loving girl.

You made your daddy’s day today.

You cuddled him after lunch,

Sweetly hugging, head on chest.

You shared your cookie, too.

Still sucking that binky and holding your blankie,

You fell asleep in the car.

Sweet, sleepy girl you’ll need your rest,

Sunny day will call us out to play,

Backyard sanctuary—sandbox and climber,

White bench on new-new patio,

Tiny rocks surround the trees

Calling you to dig them with a shovel,

Scatter them in the grass.

You will help me water the garden,

Fill your own watering can.

Growing our very own Sweet Pea.