Saturday, May 31, 2008

5 Months!

All she wants to do is stand. I know she's little for this, and you might think I'm pulling your leg- but really people- stand, stand, stand. We're not quite sure whether to be proud, or nervous or what, but we're hoping Liliana will take the time to crawl before she walks. We're not sure she will, though. In the meantime, as you'll see from the pictures, Lily loves eating solid foods (and her Grandpas love feeding it to her), taking baths with her cousin, and being outside. It's been amazing to watch the little changes- how much better she's getting with her hands when she's playing, how strong her legs are becoming, how much more she's able to interact with Logan and with the rest of us. They're simple changes, but they mean so much from day to day. Other news? Liliana and her Mom are taking swim classes in preparation for our big trip to Hawaii. Visitors this past month include Grandpa Tom, Grandpapadopolis Russ, Uncle Andy, Aunt Gabby, our friend Chris Bentzel from Boston, and a total of 4 random skaters who were all lovely (courtesy of Uncle Andy, of course). Coming up next, Grandma Alice, Uncle Richard and Canuncle Aaron, followed by Lily's first trip to Hawaii. Stay tuned!

Liliana, Marita, and Ian

Friday, May 9, 2008

Liliana 4 Months . . . a little late

This was an incredibly busy month for Liliana. Like always she handled all the new adventures with patience and smiles. Lily went on her first plane trip to New York City! Not only did she get to see her grandparents, Great-Aunt Janet, Uncle Dan (not to be confused with all her fake uncles/funcles), Liliana was able to meet her Great-Grandpa Ben for the first time! It was truly incredible to witness the joy of connecting generations as Liliana smiled up at her Great-Grandpa Ben. She enjoyed her first Passover Seder and her first taste of food beyond milk--matzo! She will have to spend the next year trying to learn the four questions for next year's Seder.

She also went on her first road trip to Boston. It was amazing to see our friends Gretchen and Chris, and to meet their daughter Ramona (Liliana's Lao Tung), who's less than one month younger than Lily. They were such amazing hosts that we were even able to have a dinner party at their house so that Marita could catch-up with an old high school friend. It was also fun to expose Liliana to her first political debate (between auntie Carrie and Ian, of course) on the drive up.

While in the city Liliana got to meet lots of new friends, too. We just can't believe how incredibly lucky we are to have such an easy and pleasure filled child. She was such a good sleeper that she even put herself down for a nap on the kitchen table one day while mom and dad folded her laundry. No really, she did. We have the picture to prove it! Truly it is amazing to have seen her grow and change even over the few days we were away from our home and family in Seattle. Liliana is alert and super strong. She loves to sit up on her own and would be standing if she didn't need help to do it. It's fun to watch her drool as she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. It's even funnier when she gets her binky into her mouth herself, only to pull it out and then fuss about how someone stole her binky. She is just so funny. And we love her, of course. It is such a pleasure to watch her grow and develop even though it is hard to accept how fast it is all happening. You'll be laughing next month when you see the pictures of her eating solid foods for the first time. Can you believe it? Liliana is already trying solids by 4 months and she LOVES to have her daddy feed her. I can't even imagine what other updates we will have next month!