Monday, October 27, 2008

Could Liliana really be 10 months old?!!

Welcome back, folks.  Lots of pictures this month, but then again it was a very, very big month.  Liliana had her first family road trip- she did very well, didn't even ask "Are we there yet?" once.  She did however meet (in no particular order) her maternal great-grandparents- yup, all 4 of them, Aunts Sue, Georgia, Lynn & Ka, Uncles Doug, Rich, Chad & AJ, her cousins Zoe, Maya, Holden, Kayden, Jet, Kael.  She also got to hang out with G-Mo Cindi, Auntie Gabby, Aunt Janine & Uncle Brook.  Whew. . . that’s quite a trip.

Also, Liliana loves camping- hiking, sleeping in tents, getting very dirty- you name it, she loved it- all with a runny nose!  Truly, we had an amazing time and it was great to be able to both spend so much wonderful time surrounded by our incredible family, and to also have a rare opportunity to spend so much time just the 3 of us.  Utah and Arizona are true wonders to explore.

This month, I feel like we also see some of the best shots of Lily playing- you can really see her developing her play habits, mannerisms, and generally starting the trip from infant to toddler.  Having Logan as an example only adds to the speed at which she learns, and the sheer joy that she expresses along the way.  

Anyway, it’s past our bedtime, and tomorrow is a working day.  Enjoy the photos.  Hopefully they provide a glimpse into our pride and amazement as our daughter moves through her day, whether “chatting” with Logan over breakfast, exploring the dirt of our local parks, or (I swear she’s saying this, and it couldn’t possibly be wishful thinking) her calls of “Dad” when I come home from work.  See you all next month- don’t be strangers- she grows quick these days.


Liliana, Marita, and Ian.