Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Liliana at 13 months . . . .

Happy New Year everybody.  Out with the monkey and overalls, but that doesn't mean we don't have the normal array of pictures from the park, at play with Logan, and of course delicately eaten meals to share with you.  

This is our sweet diva Liliana at her birthday party in January where she played with friends, opened presents (and didn't want to share and might have thrown a little fit because she actually wanted to play with the new toys instead of just opening more), sat in blissful awe while we sang Happy Birthday 3 times, almost blew out one candle, and ate a homemade from the box sugary delicous cupcake.  It was a wonderful celebrations with all our very generous and supportive communityof parents and friends.  

We are also honestly in a constant state of giddy awe watching Liliana grow up day by day.  She is just so silly.  Her communication is ever expanding to all our delight.  It is so satisfying for Lily and her parents to know that we are being understood and listened to, even when we don't reaaaally want to sing "I'm A Little Teapot" again. ;) AND her feet grew, too!   Which is good because she needed to fit into her new red big girl walking shoes from Auntie Rach, Uncle Mike, and her cousins Logan and Kaya.  

We were paid a lovely visit by Grandma Alice this month, and Auntie Gabby spent some more amazing time with us as well, finishing up her annual Christmas-New Year's visit.  We hope you all had joyful and eventful ends to your holiday seasons.  

liliana, marita, and ian.