Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankful for 11 Month Old Liliana!

What better way to celebrate Liliana's 11 months birthday than celebrating Thanksgiving on the same day.  We could not be more thankful this year.  We have extremely loving and supportive friends and family.  Truly we are blessed to share a home and daily life with Rachael, Mike , and Logan--and soon another sweet baby will join our extended family.   Liliana could not be more lucky to have such loving surrogate parents in Rach and Mike.  And Logan, sweet Logan.  The relationship that Liliana and Logan are creating is just precious, something much more than merely cousins.  They are truly best friends.  Logan takes after Liliana daily showing her new toys and books, as well as sharing yummy snacks.  Logan just loves his "Neenee."

In the meantime, Liliana continues her focused mission to walk.  Those two cute bottom teeth have four friends moving into the neighborhood.  She still eats like a champion even through the pain of teething.  Lily is loving the park more and more and more as she becomes more independent.  Right now she is loving the slide.  You can tell from the pictures that Liliana is loving books.  The first thing she does after her moring nursing is sit up and motion to her books.  We love watching Liliana find new ways to communicate.  She is starting to use more signing for requests like please and more.   We absolutely love her animals noises/signs which include rabbit, penguin, elephant, horse, frog, and our favorite gorilla (she uses her palms to hit her chest and says ah-ah-ah . . .so cute!).  Liliana is also starting to become a bit of a parrot and regularly says up, apple, hat, dad, and most recently mama.   It is simply amazing to simultaneously think about the fact that Liliana is already 11 months old and that Liliana has only been in our lives for 11 months.  What was life like before Liliana?  Not nearly as wonderful . . .

Once again it was great to have so many wonderful visitors--Grandma Alice, Grandpa Tom, Great-Canuncle Richard and Auntie LeeAnn.  It's amazing to think that our next post will mark Liliana's first birthday.  Perhaps it's even more amazing that in the same month we will be welcoming the newest member of our family- Baby Caravalho (due late December).   

This next month we look forward to seeing Auntie Carrie, Auntie Clare, and the whole Henrie clan--G-Mo Cynthia, G-Pop Russ, Auntie Gaga and Uncle Andy, as they help us welcome our new niece or nephew, and celebrate the greatest year of our lives.  We thank you guys for following along, and for the love and good thoughts you send us.  Stay happy and safe this holiday season.  

Marita, Ian, and Liliana