Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our 17 Month Old Chatterbox

So, yeah, this blog entry comes a little late . . . sorry folks. Anyways, we have certainly been busy hanging with our little chatter box.   Dang this girlie talks A LOT!  And she know exactly what she wants.  In fact, we sometimes like to call her our Little Diva.  One of our favorite moments is when she tells us something and we don't quite know what she is talking about and she simply looks at us with her most serious face and says it again--whatever it is that we still have no idea what she is saying.   She just looks at us.  Seriously?  You don't know what I am saying?  I'll just say it again.  Ususally, eventually we know what she is saying, but sometimes we just have to nod our head and smile.  She always makes us smile.  It is funny how we can spend our last moments awake everynight smiling and giggling about just how cute Liliana is and how funny she was and how much we love her.  Liliana is also showing us how her little brain works and remembers.  Like, how recently she will take my cell phone and start calling Anny (Uncle Andy).  When I ask her what she is doing she adds: Anny. Skateboard. Which quickly turns into a laundry list of memories from her trip to New York like feeding the birds crackers in the park with Grandma and the dog on the 3rd floor that said woof  WOOF  really deep and loud. Her motor skills are also developing even more as she practices jumping, skipping, and climbing.  Much of this thanks to the amazing weather in Seattle right now which means lots of time outside at the zoo, at the park, and in the backyard.  LOTS of time in the newly designed backyard.  We have a double bed garden thanks to a visit from Pop-Pop, G-Mo, and Auntie Gabby.  We also turned last year's garden bed into a proper sandbox and bought a climbing playgym off Craigslist (you gotta love Craigslist deals).  At any rate, Liliana has mastered the climbing much to our fear and to the detriment of her soft, smooth baby skin.  Yup, this girl is Marita's daughter.  She now sports numerous cuts, scraps, and bruises in various places though mostly concentrated on the legs.   She is turning into such a big girl!!!  We can hardly believe how quickly time goes by, how busy our days become, and how fulfilling life is with Liliana around.