Monday, April 27, 2009

Our 16 Month Travel Expert

Last week while visiting New York we decided we would try Liliana on one nap per day.  It was a disaster- she basically fell asleep on her feet, and was deleriously exhausted by the time we put her to bed. No problem- 2 naps it is.  Only. . . here it is one week later, and wouldn't you know it- we are 5 days into a completely easy and successful transition to 1 nap per day.  I know, I know- what's the point?  The point is that I can't believe how quickly Liliana learns, changes, and grows.

Anyway, Spring has for the most part arrived here in Seattle, and even graced our visit to NY for awhile, so there are lots of park pictures this month. We even have pictures from both the Seattle and Bronx Zoo. Liliana does love the zoo!  There are shots with too many friends and family members to name in NY and Boston.  Liliana was amazing on the plane, in the car, and just about everywhere in between.  She was totally engaged and dancing this year at Sedar, and developed quite a taste for soup, even simple saltwater & egg soup. She had her first real taste of NY pizza and bagels (not to forget BBQ ribs), and learned to skateboard(thanks to Uncle Andy).  She even had her first sleep over at her friend Ramona's house (okay, Mom and Dad stayed over, too).  Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liliana 15 Months!

Welcome back! Sorry we're a bit late this month. In the couple of weeks we've had a slew of visitors, and we have just a minute to catch our breaths before we head to NY next week. Pictures of all of that will come next month- we haven't had time to process, but it was great to see Grandpa Tom and Grandma Liz, cousins Derek, Jessica, and Evan, and of course Tommy O. This month we get to see the entire Schecter clan and lao tung Ramona.  Then we'll have a visit from G-Mo, Pop-Pop, and Auntie Gabby (Andy, are you coming too? Hope so!) for Logan's birthday. Whew!

I guess it's a good thing that Liliana seems to have enough smiles for everybody. This month has been a gratifying one, indeed- Liliana laughs at least twice as much as she ever has before (usually because Logan cracks her up, seriously) and has added the the greatest 3-word phrase in the world to her repitoire: "I-nu", or as we would say it- I love you (hold on while my heart melts and I pull myself back together). . . . . . . . .Okay, I'm back- thanks for waiting.

Lily grows up so much every month. It's amazing to see her skills grow, whether her ability to climb at the park, paint a picture, or communicate what she wants. She has an uncanny knack for waking up at 6:07 AM, and knows that by 7:15, she can start asking to watch Sesame Street and we may let her ("Ehmo, Ehmo, Ehmo"). The swings have become her clear favorite at the park. She is fearless in the bathtub, whether floating on her back or "swimming" on her stomach- having her head under water just doesn't phase this kid. Her favorite foods? Avocado and strawberries. Favorite toy? Her blankets. The point is, it's amazing to watch our little girl develop a personality. It happens so quietly you hardly notice, but all of a sudden ,you can tell people things about her- and not just what she's capable of, but what she prefers, and what makes her happy, and which people she knows as soon as they walk in the door. It's a pretty amazing time. Thanks for stopping in and sharing it with us.
liliana, marita, and ian